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Elaine of TSA

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Lady Christie

I just wanted to share myspace profile with you mainly just because I think the slideshow pictures are so cute

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Elaine of TSA

Re: Aidpage of ATITIBOBO ATITIBOBO posted on Jul 19, 2007 I want to put to your notice that i am a private lender and i have my license and my certificate.Its been years now i started lending m oney to people and i reside in libya.I want you to discuss with me in my official box if you are intrested so i will give you a borrowers form to fill and return to me. BEST REGARDS MR JAMES BROWN My reply to your offer is: BUYER BEWARE! And do your research on the US Federal Trade Commission and Better Bussiness Bureau web sites before you even consider such loan offers! Dear Atitbobo: You have avoided answering all pertinent questions but one in which you state you are located in Libya. No Thanks!

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Elaine of TSA

Re: Aidpage of ATITIBOBO Dear Mr. Brown: POTENTIAL APPLICANTS TAKE NOTICE! Knowing that Identity Theft and scams are rampant on the internet, legitimate businesses would not hesitate to provide verifiable info about the agency they represent. I noticed that you have posted offers of low interest loans, however you have failed to provide any information regarding your agency such as the name of the business as it is registered to conduct business under, where your firm is located, direct business contact info and most importantly If you are actually registered to conduct business as an authorized lending agency and where your company's license can be authenticated. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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Elaine , I got the same message from the joker. In fact , I was bombarded by it over and over in my private messaging. soulight

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Hi Elaine, I have a very painful disk buldge at L5-S1 in my lower back. The pain radiates to my right hip. I am on Methadone for pain and even that doesn't control it very well. My doctor had me on morphine but it wasn't strong enough. I just had surgery on my right shoulder rotator cuff. It was torn all the way across. I have mental problems that include severe depression, anxiety attacks, Obsesive Compulsive Disorder, and childhood PTSD. I do ok most of the time but the depression seems to get worse as the pain in my back gets worse. All of this is documented in my medical records. Thanks, Art

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Dear Elaine ,I'am praying for you, and thank you for all your help I'am still waiting for them to come out Thank you sandy6

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thank you for the info. i will give it a try preemiebaby1

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Elaine of TSA

Why not have her put lien on his assets while in process to secure that you will eventually be reimbursed and before he can hide them?

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HI Elaine, My attorney told me she would ask for him to reimburse me for attorney fees, but we found out he asn't even paid his attorney or the the guardian at litem fees yet. She also needed to be paid every month, or she would with draw from my case. I didn't have time to wait for him to pay her fees, he wouldn't anyway. I am working with the DA's office in my city to build a harassment suit and frivolous law suit. I just need an attorney to represent me again, and then I am back where I started 4 years ago. But thanks for the comment.

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Thank you Elaine, for your advice. I truly do appreciate it. I'm looking into what you told me, for more information as I write this. Carolyn This is me with my deaf kitty, Beau. All this hard work is for my pets, more than me. I just want to provide us with a good and safe home..

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Need 4 Gas

Hello, would appreciate your help! God Bless!

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Thanks for your info I have checked the sights out I hope they will be useful. Thanks so much!!!

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Thanks for the advice. I have cut expenses to the bone and work 20 hours over every pay to make ends meet. This was such a hit. I had no time to prepare. It is hard when you have built a lifestyle from two incomes and then you are down to one.

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elane this is the most resent picture I have,the young girl is my daughter.pic date is August 2006

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Elaine of TSA

Chrissie: Have you a applied for section 8 or subsidized housing? Are you at least on a waiting list? What about matched savings program? Have you looked at the options here: Home/HousingResources/default. htm

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Christine Here, I thank you for your help and I've been to several times, But like I said due to bad relationships and no communication, I find myself here asking for "HELP" because the landlord has to be willing to over look my credit, and I'm paying $900 and some change where we are now! and it's a hut! If only you knew how I've hustled for 3yrs. in this one hole to pay, lights and water! without a penny to spare! But I thank you though for your input. Blessings to you and yours. Chrissie.

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Elaine of TSA

Free and Low Cost Dental (National Search Engine 1)
Free and Low Cost Dental (National Search Engine 2)
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I have already done that I need to pay half of and old bill plus a 200.00 deposit....

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Thank you so much for your response. This information I know will prove to be extremely helpful. It is nice to know that someone is listening . Thank you for the prayers as well I definately need them .

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Thanx for looking at my page.I see you give good advice any ideahs for me????

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