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Elaine of TSA

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Helping Hands Int'l, Inc.

I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for the info. Blessings,

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Elaine of TSA

Dear Cole: I would love to be self absorbed and totally oblivious to the pain and despair of those in need, blissfully unaware that the world did not revolve solely around myself, never really knowing true need. So tell me how did you get there? If you can afford to spend like you have, you don't know what it is to be hungry or in fear of losing shelter. Look at some of the postings on these pages and GROW UP! Sincerely, Elaine

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Elaine of TSA

Aidpage founders Warning Page re Scam Alerts
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Dear Elaine, Thanks for the link. I see that that is a link to one of the kinship navigators...I am in constant contact with the kinship navigator in New York. The man who has so dedicated his life to this cause is one Gerald Wallace, a law Prof. at Albany Law School, who works to change state as well as national policy to help grandparents to access help in raising grandchildren. He put me in touch with a good agency that is trying to help me from there... I don't know if we are going to be able to override the state of New York and the guardian ad litum, and social worker. I am concerned that we are fighting so much because my grandchildren are not bi-racial, but multi-racial, being black and Native American as well as white. I happen to be white and the children have been placed with a black (Jamaican) family. I wonder if some caseworker got it in their head that the children ought to be raised in a black family because they are of color! I don't see what difference that makes but people seem to think that white people know nothing of other cultures. I do, since I have made it my business to raise my children and grandchildren to not see a color line at all. They have been taught to judge people as people, not by color or lack of it. They were raised to choose their socks by the color not their friends. Blessings to you. Thanks for the link.

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Candace SC

Thank you for the links. I did find some help through PPA for my husband's medication. However, still having a hard time finding help for diagnostic treatment for breast disease. A lot of useful information and after your diagnosed with cancer...but no help in aiding the fees associated with diagnosis. Thank you again for the links.

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Elaine of TSA

Candace: Have you paid the 10.00 a month for 3 months in a row and it been accepted by the hospital? You may be able to fight this. If you had written them and explained that you were unable to pay the full amount but wish to satisfy the debt and notified them you would make regularly scheduled payments and kept true to your word and they accepted three consecutive payments.......It may be enough to establish an acceptance of new contract. Research this within the fair debt collection laws. Start with following link. Blessings, Elaine ducation/collection_agencies.p df ducation/fair_debt.pdf

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You were on the list that Sandy posted on my page. I am new at this and don't really know how this site works. Today our only mode of transportation gave out on the interstate. We finally got it to a place to be looked at and they said it would cost about $2000 to get it fixed. We don't have that kind of money. We haven't even made the house payment for July and it is time for the August payment to be made. I am unable to work due to health reasons which are temporary so I don't qualify for SSI or anything. I had rotator cuff surgery in April and am just now getting where I can go back to work then I get hit with severe abdominal pain and found out that I have an infection in my colon that either is diverticulitis or an ulcerated colon....either way they said there is a strong possibility that I'll have to have surgery to remove that area of the colon. Yee Haw! They have to get the infection cleared up before they can do further testing.

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Elaine of TSA

Re: aidpage of Mrs. Irene: Dear Mrs. Irene: How very generous of you to offer assistance. HOWEVER, You have failed to identify the CHARITY??? you supposedly represent and provide any information to support the validity of your services. PLEASE DO NOT SOLICIT HERE UNTIL YOU CAN PROVIDE LEGITIMATE REFERENCES WHICH CAN BE AUTHENTICATED by individuals seeking your help. Any interested parties can seek further information on protecting your identity and how to avoid internet scams via the US Federal Trade Commission's Web Site. Sincerely, Elaine

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Elaine, Thank you for your kindness and such beautiful words. God bless you, Anonymous40784

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Korey Evans

so what are you a company or something

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Thanks so much for the comment Elaine. The others here know alot more than I about the resources out there. I know of a few. I am more of a pray warrior and a teacher of 'common-sense' when it comes to finances. I believe in prayer. I also believe in the concept of 'teaching a man to fish and he will have a meal for life'. I do help others. A non profit organization may be a good idea. Especially, if counseling and financial education is a big part of it. Elaine, you have provided alot of info and help to this site. I really appreciate you so very much. May God bless you, Anonymous40784

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Elaine of TSA

Lady Christie: I see such talent and potential among yourself, Who~knew, Soulight and Anonymous40784. Have you thought about collaborating on your own non profit organization to assist people? It is so nice to see just plain ole good folk doing the right thing and helping others. This is what moves me. Blessings, Elaine

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Lady Christie

I just wanted to share myspace profile with you mainly just because I think the slideshow pictures are so cute

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Elaine of TSA

Re: Aidpage of ATITIBOBO ATITIBOBO posted on Jul 19, 2007 I want to put to your notice that i am a private lender and i have my license and my certificate.Its been years now i started lending m oney to people and i reside in libya.I want you to discuss with me in my official box if you are intrested so i will give you a borrowers form to fill and return to me. BEST REGARDS MR JAMES BROWN My reply to your offer is: BUYER BEWARE! And do your research on the US Federal Trade Commission and Better Bussiness Bureau web sites before you even consider such loan offers! Dear Atitbobo: You have avoided answering all pertinent questions but one in which you state you are located in Libya. No Thanks!

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Elaine of TSA

Re: Aidpage of ATITIBOBO Dear Mr. Brown: POTENTIAL APPLICANTS TAKE NOTICE! Knowing that Identity Theft and scams are rampant on the internet, legitimate businesses would not hesitate to provide verifiable info about the agency they represent. I noticed that you have posted offers of low interest loans, however you have failed to provide any information regarding your agency such as the name of the business as it is registered to conduct business under, where your firm is located, direct business contact info and most importantly If you are actually registered to conduct business as an authorized lending agency and where your company's license can be authenticated. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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Elaine , I got the same message from the joker. In fact , I was bombarded by it over and over in my private messaging. soulight

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Hi Elaine, I have a very painful disk buldge at L5-S1 in my lower back. The pain radiates to my right hip. I am on Methadone for pain and even that doesn't control it very well. My doctor had me on morphine but it wasn't strong enough. I just had surgery on my right shoulder rotator cuff. It was torn all the way across. I have mental problems that include severe depression, anxiety attacks, Obsesive Compulsive Disorder, and childhood PTSD. I do ok most of the time but the depression seems to get worse as the pain in my back gets worse. All of this is documented in my medical records. Thanks, Art

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Dear Elaine ,I'am praying for you, and thank you for all your help I'am still waiting for them to come out Thank you sandy6

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thank you for the info. i will give it a try preemiebaby1

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Elaine of TSA

Why not have her put lien on his assets while in process to secure that you will eventually be reimbursed and before he can hide them?

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