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Elaine of TSA

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Thank you, I keep receiving e-mails stating that I have 5 or so messages of interest to do I check those? I think they are linlked to the groups. Sands

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Elaine of TSA
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It is so good to see you return with news of triumph over adversity.

Although it has been a difficult journey, you have become stronger for having traveled this road and you will be able to teach others with the wisdom gained.

Wishing you a happy, fulfilling future.


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Hello It's Christine Wise here. I just wanted to say that, thanks to the prayers of everyone listening to me on this blog, since I satrted this page I have had a long hard road,but the lord brought me through it and my son and I now live in Kennewick, Wa. and we were given section 8. I have never had assistance before and it feels a little funny having someone pay for my cost of living, but I have had time to heal and my son is in school here and I attend services with New Hope on Sundays and it's just a blessing and I just thought I would mention that Jesus is real! thank you for your visits. Christine Wise

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Elaine, thank you for all of your advice, It is much appreciated.

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Elaine, this is my Justin with his niece Heaven... He has lost 44 pounds since this picture....

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful of a person you are and how your kindness and help has brought me comfort throughout all of this..



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Dear Elaine: Thanks for your help in finding the New Jersey housing law to help Princess3. My daughter is very demanding at 4 1/2 years-old. Thank you, Brighan

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I have the help from and they are a real oraganization that helps people. Not miss lead you  in anyway. there are some question you will have to answer but as it says it is worth the try.. they are there for minual back up, they are there just to give you the boost you need to get you back on your feet. Not to replying again and again.

look for yourself.


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check your pvt messages...

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Dear Elaine, Very important, I attend a meeting at WSU, about Federal funding,They do not give grants to individual people,Grants are given to corporations, organization,non-profits,I really wanted to see what it was all about,because on the web you have all these sites to get grants,They do have some help for rural it's under USDA,(Housing is Hud,)They get the Grants to help and you get low interest loans. also I really advise everyone to watch the Movie SICKO,God Bless you Sandy6

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Elaine of TSA e_projects.html
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hi elaine my name is tammy you sent me a private message but for some reason when i try to get on my messages it says its forbidden and i cant get oon,maby you can email me at . iam the one with cirrosis and anxiety. thanks

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Thankyou Elaine. I will check out some of these first thing tomorrow as it's late and I'm pretty tired. I hope John didn't go ahead with his plan of commiting suicide. If you noticed in his post, he listed an address at the bottom of it. I called the Arkansas police and told them about his post and they said they would check it out. Thanks again for the links. you are an angel! Bluelady.

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Hi Elaine, Thank you so much for the info. God bless you, Anonymous40784

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Elaine of TSA

VIP** Hurricane Katrina & Rita I have seen several posters who have raised concerns or lodged complaints re this topic here on aid pages. NOTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FEMA Authorizes Hotel or Motel Assistance for Occupants of FEMA Temporary Housing Units The Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently issued Emergency Lodging Assistance (ELA) guidance that allows assistance to occupants of FEMA-provided temporary housing units who ask to be moved because of health concerns associated with their units. FEMA temporary housing units include travel trailers, park models and mobile homes. See link: ricane/2005katrina/index.shtm

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the real tooth was broken years ago. there is a space which a flipper with a fake tooth was attached. it broke and cant be repaired at this time all there is, is a whole where a tooth was. A front tooth at that.

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Thanks Elaine, however, knowledge was not overlooked, it simply was not given any attention because the goal is financial. Obviously, there are a myriad of other points in regards to charity that were not mentioned in the interest of brevity on the subject of charity. The reality is that I need cash to acquire land, and I intend to use every available resource to do so in a civic manner. Aside from taking land, I have only 2 choices: pay for it with either time, labor, or cash OR have it gifted to me. I have chose the 2 aforementioned options. So, I will contribute my time, labor, and cash along with the generousity of others in order to accomplish the goal. I certainly appreciate your gift of "knowledge". Thank you

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thank you kindly for mentioning on my aidpage. I just checked them out, and have posted my needs there as well. Please pray for me, as my time to join is running out, and it's a slow, losing battle fighting the health and wellness issues related to my dental problems.

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I really appreciate your prompt action on my page....thanks a lot for you Ms. Elaine and more power....

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